In the future, citizens can do more to prevent these types of situations by becoming aware of the possible consequences of these actions. Currently, most citizens are at a stage where they put a lot of faith in the government. As demonstrated in Little Brother, fear can make someone do unthinkable things. When Marcus's dad took the side of the police, who convicted just about anyone of terrorism, Marcus blew up at his dad, not understanding his reasoning. As his mother told him,” Marcus, we thought you were dead. Do you understand that? We were mourning you for days. We were imagining you blown to bits, at the bottom of the ocean" (Cory). Marcus's parents grief made them change their mind set. They put faith in their government, trusting them to do what would keep a terrorist from staging a bombing again. This faith, in Little Brother and in the real world, is also partially caused by the knowledge of checks and balances. It could be not too far into the future when something major happens in society that causes increased tension and fear. With increased paranoia, citizens and the government feel the need to increase security measures. Once people let fear over run their lives the future is grim. People including the government, begin to have clouded judgment. This is one main point that both of these novels make for future generations to learn from. Other possible affects could be as drastic as 1984, a world of fear. "If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death." (Orwell,). The world of Oceania lived in fear of not only of physical torture, but also mental. Winston, who made his living by re-writing history, was part of that fear. Re-writing history is definitely cause for alarm for many Americans and other countries. It is common sense that text book companies already sway opinions in favor of the United States or whatever country the book is for. It is hard to tell what is actual truth from opinion. Eventually, the world could be overrun by fears and lies, which is what these books are teaching.