In today’s world, the United States government battles with the difficult challenge of securing the country and managing citizen content. Many people have learned about corrupt power and its effects from these books; however the United States government has not always learned from these novels. For example, The USA Patriot Act goes farther to the extremes than most citizens are used to. This act allows for law enforcement agencies to search almost any records available to them ("USA"). It also allows a number of actions that could possibly infringe on civil liberties. The USA Patriot Act, like all government programs can be abused. In one instance Arab and Muslim immigrants were physically beaten while detained in federal detention ("Patriot"). This is like how Marcus was beaten, starved and eventually water boarded while under the captivity of the DHS. With the Patriot Act, the government tries to keep the nation safe, but at the same time manage citizen content with exceptions and severity of rules. This has been an issue with both sides of the political spectrum, agreeing and disagreeing with several issues in the Patriot Act. Other earlier cases, such as the Watergate Scandal show how the government will infringe on just about anyone to get the information desired ( Richard Nixon, with an upcoming election wiretapped, spied on and eventually broke into the opposing party's headquarters, the Democratic National Committee’s office. Nixon, after being discovered tried to cover up his role in the scandal by deleting his incriminating tapes from existence. Nixon ended up losing the great support that he once had, causing him to resign. ( This abusive power shows how government roles can corrupt political figures and force them into unjust situations.