Extensive government control can lead to numerous consequences, one of them being the rebellion of citizens. When Marcus and his friends were released, one of the first words uttered out of his mouth were, "I'm going to get them, I'm going to get them" (Cory). Marcus was so angry at the DHS for holding him captive that he swore revenge on them. Revenge for beating, questioning, and captivating him. He began to alter license plates, and mess with the security system, angering the people of his city and the officials who ran it. Marcus wanted the city to feel the pain and discontent that he did. Soon Marcus became an outlaw and was forced to plan an escape route to run from the commotion. Little Brother's government tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the city safe, but instead angering their people causing them to rebel in various ways. In 1984, the government of Oceania was so focused on the “survival” of the government and Big Brother, that they went to extremes to ensure that no one person could depose the government. Their motto was "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" (Orwell,). This means that when people are at war, they are peaceful because they are not thinking about their government, and its problems. Freedom is slavery because if people are free they will do what they wish; they are enslaving the government to represent the people's wants and needs. And finally, ignorance is strength; this is because Oceania's ignorance brought strength to the government. When people are ignorant, the government can do anything. This motto only benefited the government; however, most of the population did not realize this. Citizens were taught that by obeying this motto, they would live a happy and prosperous life under Big Brother's control. By making most of Oceania believe the motto, Big Brother ensured that he will remain in power, with no disturbance. However this does not stop occasional "abnormal" citizens from trying. A life of constant surveillance, war and ignorance was not one that Winston Smith enjoyed. He began plotting to overthrow the government by engaging in sexual relations and joining a secret society focused on scheming against the government, all of these actions punishable by execution. Winston’s plotting caused trouble for everyone, especially for himself and his few loved ones. Both of these characters caused trouble for their town by uprising against their government and creating hostile environments. These books show that uprising against authority can be hazardous to everyone including the governments.